Scientists find out if new cancer drug can come from potatoes 

Poznan [Poland], December 7 (ANI): Everyone is familiar with a cancer survivor.

Around 10 million deaths and 19 million new cases were reported globally in 2020.

Although treatments are constantly being improved, they can still harm healthy cells or have unpleasant side effects that are difficult for patients to deal with.

Traditional medicine has a wealth of potential candidates for developing new, more targeted cancer treatments.

The glycoalkaloids, bioactive substances found in many well-known crops including potatoes and tomatoes,

were examined by a group of Polish researchers at Adam Mickiewicz University under the direction of Magdalena Winkiel to show their potential to treat cancer.

“Scientists worldwide are still searching for the drugs which will be lethal to cancer cells but at the same time safe for healthy cells,” said Winkiel.

“It is not easy despite the advances in medicine and powerful development of modern treatment techniques.

That is why it might be worth going back to medicinal plants that were used years ago with success in the treatment of various ailments.