The 50-year-old was absent from her seat behind the news work area during Tuesday morning's transmission.

All things considered, Savannah's co-have, Hoda Kotb, 58, was joined by Craig Melvin, 43, and Sheinelle Jones, 44, for the show's first and second hours.

Savannah was likewise absent for The Today Show's everyday Pop Beginning section.

Carson Daly, 49, normally conveys the carefree reports, however he was additionally missing from the show and NBC news journalist, Jacob Soboroff, facilitated all things being equal.

The excess hosts clustered together on a white sofa inside Studio 1A all through the portion.

Dylan Dreyer, 41, who's been multiplying her obligations while meteorologist, Al Roker, 68, is recuperating from medical problems, went with them.

Savannah's nonattendance comes after she went through the whole Thanksgiving week covering the occasion celebrations.

On Wednesday, the mother of-two showed her energy for the yearly Macy's Thanksgiving Day March by moving to a live walking band inside the studio.

In front of the 96th motorcade, The Today Show took a gander at the stuff to rejuvenate the legendary occasion.