Towns across Italy have been hustling to send off cunning plans pointed toward tricking new occupants to resuscitate their fortunes lately.

From weather beaten homes selling for minimal in excess of a dollar, to prepared to-possess houses at knockdown costs, there's been a free for all of contest.

The beautiful town of Presicce in the radiant district of Puglia is the most recent to enter the game with an enticing proposition.

Authorities say they will pay individuals as much as 30,000 euros (generally $30,000) to purchase an unfilled dwelling and take up residency.

Far and away superior, the houses available to be purchased as a feature of the arrangement are estimated from around 25,000 euros. Like other modest properties at a bargain across Italy, they've been for some time deserted by their unique proprietors.

Furthermore, to really sweeten the deal, the area is unimaginable, encompassed by the idea of the Salento region in the impact point of Italy's boot and near the powder sea shores and turquoise clear waters of St Nick Maria di Leuca.

Experts in Presicce trust the proposal of a money impetus will reinvigorate their terminating town, where babies are less every year.