After a cyberattack on AIIMS took out its servers, a danger entertainer is selling clinical records of patients of a Tamil Nadu-based multispecialty clinic.

A report delivered by CloudSEK claims that patient information of Sree Saran Clinical Center in at a bargain by a danger entertainer.

"We can term this occurrence as a Store network Assault, since the IT Seller of the Emergency clinic, for this situation Three 3D square IT Lab, was designated first.

The information has been placed at a bargain on famous cybercrime gatherings as well as on a Wire channel that is visited by danger entertainers.

The data set is at a bargain for $100 (Rs. 8,100), recommending that numerous duplicates would be sold.

For purchasers looking for select possession, the cost is $300 (Rs. 24,300).

To exchange the information base, the cost is set at $400 (Rs. 32,531).

"We survey with low certainty and no immediate verification that Three 3D shape It could be a product merchant for Sree Saran Clinical Center," CloudSEK wrote in its report.