Belgium lead trainer Roberto Martinez has said there is no question that this is Belgium's brilliant age.

Belgium will confront Croatia in a must-win experience at the Ahmed container Ali Arena on December 1.

Talking in front of their match, Martinez said there is no question that this age is the brilliant age of Belgian football.

"This age is the brilliant age of Belgian football. There is no question. They got the bronze award in 2018.

They saved their public group for a very long time in the main spot on the planet rankings," said Martinez.

The previous Everton mentor said a ton of the players in the Belgium crew have finished their training identifications and will keep on influencing Belgian football for north of 30 years.

" 21 of them have their A licenses (instructing identification). These, this age will continue influencing Belgium football according to a training perspective, for the following 20 years.

With their advancement and what they've done, they had the option to fabricate another preparation office, a condition of craftsmanship that will change Belgian football for the following ages.

Thus, I figure what you can say is that these age are (not) having won a significant competition.

I figure you can talk from that, however I think leaving a heritage goes significantly farther than winning a competition," Martinez added.