Changing in constitution 103 from Supreme Court


On 7th November, Monday the Supreme court amended in 103rd constitution by upholding 10% Quota for economically weaker sections. 

The 5-judge constitutional bench’s three judges upheld 10% reservation for weaker sections in admission & jobs in general categories.  

The amendment creates a separate class of EWS; exclusion of SEBCs can’t be said as discriminatory to the constitution “Justice Trivedi.” 

Reservation on economic criteria doesn’t violate the basic structure of the constitution. The amendment never violates the equality code. “Justice Dinesh Maheshwari.

The judges decided that 103rd amendment couldn’t be struck down as violating basic structure. Validity of the 103rd constitution upheld doesn’t break the basics of the constitution. 

The challenging constitutional validity of the 103rd amendment act 2019 enabled states to make reservations in higher education based on public employment of economic criteria.