7 killed in north Afghanistan as blast hits vehicle with oil workers

No less than seven individuals were killed in Afghanistan on Tuesday when an impact hit a vehicle conveying oil laborers in the northern region of Balkh, while one more shoot in the eastern city of Jalalabad harmed six individuals.

"Today at around 7 a.m. an impact occurred in ...Balkh on a transport which had a place with Hairatan oil workers," said Mohammad Asif Wazeri, police representative for the northern territory.

No less than six individuals were injured, he said.

Balkh territory is home to one of Afghanistan's vitally dry ports in the town of Hairatan, close to the boundary with Uzbekistan, which has rail and street connects to Focal Asia.

Wazeri said Balkh police was looking for a guilty party behind the blast on the vehicle. It was not satisfactory who the representatives on the transport worked for.

Another shoot later in the day close to the cash trade market in Jalalabad harmed six individuals, as per police in Nangahar territory.

The reason for the two impacts was not promptly clear.