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Viral Video Of Boy Straining Tomato And Tadka From Rasam Gets 25 Million Views

Are you someone who doesn’t like the tadka and tomatoes in Rasam? Well, don’t be sad. Because you are not alone. We have come across a video in which a boy is seen straining the rasam over a plate of white rice. The video was shared on Instagram by a digital content creator with the text, “The legend in our house.” The user has also cited the reason for their son’s ROFL act. In a pinned comment, they wrote, “The dish he is straining is Rasam, and he doesn’t like the taste of tomatoes and tadka on his tongue…And ya straining those two things, I am sure, won’t make him malnourished. Also of course I am desi mom, because he is eating what I made.”

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As of writing, the clip has clocked 25 million views online. People were quick to share their experiences in the comment section. 

A woman wrote, “I feel proud because my 4-year-old daughter eats all vegetables and fruits. PS: I am a working mom.”

Another added, “I grew up watching my dad doing this and my mom scolding him for setting a bad example.”

Finding the video relatable, a user said, “Smart legend !! My daughter used to ask me to remove the Rai Jeera curry patta from the dal too.”

“We have all been here. Good to see someone do this after 30 years,” read a comment.

A person said, “I thought it was only me.”

In the middle of this, a person asked, “Can you ask him how to get rid of mustard seeds from upma easily?”

A big-time rasam rice fan added, “Rasam without the stuff is just a no-go. Hopefully, he comes around soon.”

A user came up with a suggestion. He said, “Cook everything and then blend it tastes the same and retains the nutrients. I’ve started liking vegetables after my parents did this and I started tolerating the texture slowly. Now I have no problem eating anything.”

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So what do you have to say about the video?

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