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The Seizure Sixteen: Which Of These Trump Assets Should Get Seized First – Above the Law

The Seizure Sixteen: Which Of These Trump Assets Should Get Seized First – Above the Law


Former President Donald Trump Attends Wake For Slain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller

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The appellate division may have lowered Trump’s bond to a mere $175 million, but he has not, as of this writing, actually posted it yet. Maybe he really would rather the state seize his assets. Or maybe he still can’t get anyone to sign on to giving him $175 million and he’s banking on selling copies of the quintessential public domain document for $60 to make enough cash to cover it.

Regardless of the bond, if Trump fails to win on the merits, there will come a time when the state has to execute the judgment and that’s inevitably going to involve seizing assets, so we’ll push forward determining which seizure would annoy Trump the most.

The bracket was mostly chalk, but we did have a few upsets. Let’s go through the Seizure Sixteen. Voting is available until Wednesday, April 3 at 9 a.m. Eastern.


(1) Bedminster v. (4) Palm Beach

Bedminister storms into the round of 16. Trump considers it one of his prime properties and it has the potential to be a championship club if it weren’t for its owner scaring away advertisers. Palm Beach provides Trump a change of pace outing if he finds himself confined to Florida.

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(2) Turnberry v. (3) Washington, DC

Turnberry is an iconic host of the Open, but Washington, DC gives Trump somewhere to mingle with sycophantic GOP backbenchers hoping to get the ear of the boss. This may come down to what Trump hopes to accomplish after the case closes — does he want to collect championship money or continue cosplaying as president?

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(1) Trump Tower v. (4) 1 Central Park

Trump’s former home surely maintains a special place in his heart. Indeed, he values it roughly three times more than he should. But 1 Central Park is the anchor of the most famous urban greenspace in the world. It’s the building that people are much more likely to pass and look up and see the name Trump.

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(2) 40 Wall v. (3) Trump Plaza

On 9/11, Donald Trump’s first reaction was to note that 40 Wall was now the tallest building in Lower Manhattan. Not “after 9/11” mind you, he said that ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

“40 Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan,” Trump replied, “and it was actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest — and then, when they built the World Trade Center, it became known as the second tallest. And now it’s the tallest.”

Trump Plaza has a view of all of it from New Jersey.

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(1) Mar-a-Lago v. (5) Trump Residences Bali

Is home where the heart is, or is home where the freedom is? Mar-a-Lago cruising to victory was no surprise. It’s been Trump’s home base ever since he chose to flee New York for a more sycophantic crowd. Trump Bali was an upset, but I suspect the little nugget about Indonesia’s lack of a formal extradition arrangement with the US might’ve sweetened that option for voters.

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(2) Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago v.  (3) Trump Hotel Vegas

The Trump name is everywhere, but for my money, the most garishly displayed “Trump” is in downtown Chicago. Something about its placement makes it dominant the whole area. The Trump Hotel Vegas is a non-gaming establishment in case you’ve decided to visit the desert for… whatever else they do there.

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(1) Truth Social v. (4) Sam Alito

Truth Social went from 1 seed to super duper 1 seed when it hit markets this week and soared to around $9 billion in value. For now, it’s undeniably Trump’s most important asset. But it’s also a meme stock driven by Trump’s faithful falling all over themselves to own a piece of a company that posts losses in the tens of millions. Justice Sam Alito faced a challenge defending his 4 seed, but managed to pull it off. It’s not clear why voters turned on the Alito option so much. Maybe it’s that human beings can’t be seized in the United States since the 13th Amendment — to which the current Supreme Court majority says, “Correction: they can’t be seized yet.”

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(2) The Plane v. (6) The Shoes

From the opening day of the bracket, readers have bombarded us with emails asking “what about the plane?” That should’ve prepared us for the outcome of the voting where, as of the round 1 voting cutoff, the Plane had the highest margin of victory of any pairing in the competition. “It’s gotta to be the shoes,” declared Spike Lee as Mars Blackman. Apparently it truly does have to be the shoes when it comes to Donald Trump. Despite not really existing outside of a ludicrously costly pre-order and facing potential IP headwinds, the Shoes pulled off the upset to land in the second round.

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Voting continues until Wednesday April 3, at 9 a.m.

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