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TestCard unveils non-invasive diagnostics at MEDICA – TechToday

UK based diagnostics technology company TestCard has unveiled its non-invasive diagnostic solutions at MEDICA 2023 designed to make testing more accessible for consumers and in clinical settings.

As a participant in the ABHI UK Pavilion, TestCard is highlighting its technology that turns a mobile device into a clinical-grade scanner.

At MEDICA 2023, the company is showcasing its three primary areas of focus. This includes its at-home UTI test kit, which has accuracy comparable to urine tests performed in clinical settings. When coupled with the smartphone app, it allows users to obtain immediate test results from home. The technology integrates with individual suppliers to maintain a complete end-to-end pathway, back to the supplier for treatment.

Testcard has also developed advanced technical solutions for patient screening, helping identify individuals at risk of serious illnesses. By streamlining the process and enabling at-risk patients to test at home, healthcare providers can promptly allocate resources to those in need, optimising GP and laboratory time.

In collaboration with Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT), the company has launched the revolutionary ClearScreen technology that digitalises point of care rapid diagnostic testing including lateral flow tests.

The ClearScreen app records patients’ test results digitally and transmits them to the electronic patient record (EPR), meaning the result is available to all clinical teams in real time. Testcard’s test portfolio includes Single COVID, COVID/Flu dual test, COVID/Flu/RSV Triple test, Single RSV, Pregnancy, Strep A, CRP, D-Dimer, Troponin, and Monkeypox.

TestCard’s chief scientific officer Dr. Andrew Botham said: “Rapid diagnostic testing helps to ease the pressures on health systems. Test results can be generated sooner and acted upon immediately, while mitigating risk for everyone. It also improves the patient pathway with a more effective patient triage, reducing delays with test results. Testcard is excited to be with ABHI at MEDICA 2023 to showcase our cutting-edge range of technologies designed to transform the fast-growing field of diagnostics, and we look forward to connecting with partners in the region.”

In the last year, TestCard has signed a major partnership agreement with Roche Diagnostics. The technology has won multiple awards, including the Digital Health Award, the Shift.ms Digital Award, and the Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies Competition.

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