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Sneak Peek Into Karisma Kapoor’s Seafood Feast: Guess What Was On Menu!

Sneak Peek Into Karisma Kapoor’s Seafood Feast: Guess What Was On Menu!


Karisma Kapoor’s gastronomical adventures are no hidden secret to the foodie world. So every time the actress jets off to a new location, we keep a keen eye on her social media. And Karisma is not the one to disappoint. Don’t you remember her Ibiza vacation with Ananya Panday and her family? Or her birthday vacation to Paris? Well, She has yet again jetted off to a new location. How do we know? Without spilling beans about her destination, Karisma shared a picture of herself sitting inside the plane. But what intrigued us was the next click giving a glance at her meal, all mouthwatering. Looking at the dishes it seems, the actress is on a beachy vacation, as a variety of seafood was on her menu. Karisma was served crispy fried fish, which was kept next to a bowl full of what looked like green Thai curry with prawns. We also caught glimpses of a bowl full of rice garnished with coriander leaves and a plate of grilled fish.
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Take a look at Karisma Kapoor’s lip-smacking meals here:

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Photo Credit: Instagram/Karisma Kapoor

Looks delicious, right? If you are impressed with Karisma Kapoor’s food haul like us, then let’s take you through some of her recent indulgences. Check them out below: 
Karisma Kapoor’s recent beachy vacation to Ibiza with Ananya Panday and family came loaded with foodie adventures. The actress’ Ibiza photo dump gave us a glance at their shenanigans by the beach, but it also included a delicious meal with a picturesque view. It included the cheesiest pizza with a mushroom and spinach topping. It was kept next to a plate of avocado and spinach salad served with sprinkled chilli flakes.

Karisma Kapoor’s birthday trip to Paris was all about the sweet treats. Oh, yes we have proof. On her birthday trip, the actress seems to be on an agenda to try all the cafes. In addition, she also confessed her love for croissants. She shared a picture of the pastry platter on her Instagram Stories, which included all things crispy and crunchy: red and classic croissants, and pâte feuilletée, among others. Karisma shared the still along with the text “Croissant, Yes I ate 2!”. She also added the hashtag ‘Lolo loves’. Read the detailed story here.
She also shared a series of pictures, featuring lip-smacking meals and baked treats. The post gave us a glance at a plate consisting of two delicious souffle with some fresh berries and cranberry sauce on the side. We could spot what seemed to be a tart topped with strawberries.

Karisma Kapoor is a big-time foodie and that can’t be said twice!



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