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Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Review

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Review

There was a time when you had a limited choice when finding effective car insurance. However, with the increasing demand for cars and the growing industry, many new players have come up in the market and created healthy competition.

One such player is Royal Sundaram car insurance, which is slowly emerging as a top-tier insurance provider among car owners.

The insurance house not only offers excellent financial coverage to car owners for mishaps but also gives one of a kind customizable insurance coverage. Insurance coverage is an obvious choice for many car owners, especially for the one who is buying a car for the first time.

So should you opt for it? Well, today we will discuss Royal Sundaram car insurance so that you can decide whether you should go for it or not.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram car insurance is a specialized policy given by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. LTD that is widely known for its customized insurance policies. The parent company of this organization is Sundaram Finance which is one of the biggest non-banking financial companies.

The organization always strives to provide policies to its customers so that it can cover its car from any massive financial damage. It has one of the best claim settlement processes and customer-friendly service.

It always tries to come up with innovative services and products that will cater to modern needs. Unlike other car insurance policy issuers, this insurance house is known for bringing policies that offer coverage to modern car types and various aspects. Whether you need emergency service assistance and quick car inspection, the organization will always be there to support you.

With over 3800 network garages, 150 + branches, and a claim settlement ratio of around 98.6%, it is currently regarded as one of the best car insurance for buyers. It has more than 45 lakhs of customers with around 156 branches in different parts of the country, so you can completely lay your trust in them.

The organization also emphasizes a lot on the safety of its customers, and that is why they also provide personal accident insurance along with car insurance which is up to 15 lakhs.

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Why Car Owners Are Opting For Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

The Royal Sundaram car insurance has become a favorite among many car owners, which is quite justified due to the large number of benefits they have on offer. It is not their impressive customer service and seamless claim settlement but many other aspects. Let’s check out why people prefer their policy over another;

  • Impressive customer service is one of the major highlights of this policy. Whether it is a post or pre-sales, the efficient team will always help you so that you have the best experience possible. They have an M-Chatra app through which you can access all the details and chat with customer executives in times of need.
  • You get an instant car inspection benefit through their M-inspect app, which makes the claim settlement process hassle-free.
  • Importantly they have a claim settlement ratio of around 98.6%, which is an impressive figure for any insurance organization.
  • For any unforeseen damages, it offers cashless repair options in around 3868 garages all over the country that have tied up with the organization. The best part of cashless repair is the speedy authorization you experience whenever you go for repair.
  • You get a no-claim bonus of up to 50% with a claim-free year which is a massive advantage for car insurers.
  • The organization offers 24X7 roadside assistance whenever you need them, and they will send a repair van to assist you. In case the repair can’t be done on the spot, the organization will help you to tow the car to the nearest service for complete service.
  • You will get a dedicated personal relationship manager whenever you go for a claim for any accident in your car. The relationship manager will guide you in every way and will take care of the claim settlement process.
  • The organization offers a discount of around 35% when you pay for the premium of the Own Damage policy.
  • The policy issuer is known to come up with modern services and products for their customers, and that is why their car insurance covers CNG and LPG kits. They are also coming up with products that would offer comprehensive coverage for EV cars.
  • With Royal Sundaram car insurance, you can renew for up to three years at once without paying anything extra. It offers peace of mind to car owners.
  • Once you buy any car policy from this organization, you will get the option to include some add-ons to your policy at an inexpensive cost. These add-ons not only broaden up the coverage but also provides you with personal coverage in case of an accident. Under the add-ons, you will get the option to cover non-electrical and electronic parts of your car.
  • With the car insurance policy, you also get additional personal accident coverage for yourself, the paid driver, and other occupants in the car during the accident. Depending upon the policy and premium amount, the policy can go up to 50 lakh per person.

Coverages Offered Under Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Like every top car insurance policy, Royal Sundaram car insurance also offers an extensive list of coverage in its policies. The things that will be included in car insurance despite which policy you choose;

  • Damages caused due to the accident or any mishap on the external, the policy will cover the repairing cost.
  • Fire and explosion damage sustained by the car will be covered under the policy.
  • Damages caused due to riots, strikes, or any kind of man-made damage to the car will be covered by the insurance agency.
  • Natural disaster damages to the car will also be covered under the policy. Whether it is an earthquake, landslide, rockslide, shooting rocks, or sudden fall of a tree or floor, everything will be covered.
  • Transit damages sustained by the car during transportation via airway, lift, waterway, or road will come under policy coverage.
  • Damages or loss due to theft or burglary of the car will be taken care of by the organization.
  • Third-party damages will also be covered under the insurance policy.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policies You Can Avail

When you decide to purchase a car policy from Royal Sundaram Car Insurance, you will get five types of options. Each type has its own attributes so that it can cater to the needs of the car insurer. These types are;

  • Standalone Own Damage Policy- This is a common policy whether the insured car will get coverage for the damages caused due to fire, theft, or accident. For accidents, all the costs of repairing and replacement of parts cost will be borne by the insurance organization. However, you will have to have third-party coverage to buy this policy.
  • Third-Party Insurance- It is probably the most common policy bought by car owners where the policy provides financial protection to the owner during an accident caused by a third person. In general, the policy offers up to 7.5 lakh in compensation, and you can put any add-on in the coverage.
  • 3-tears Private Car Insurance- It is a complete three-year insurance policy where the policy offers coverage for both first-party and third-party damages. Not only the insured car and the owners get coverage in this policy but also people traveling with the owner. It is a convenient policy for many buyers where they won’t have to make renewals for at least three years.
  • Car Shield Insurance- It is a specialized car insurance policy where a lot of areas are covered. Damage done due to accident, man-made damage, or natural calamities, everything is covered under this policy. Even third-party liabilities and legal costs are also covered by the insurer. You can opt for a different add-on with this policy which will enhance the overall coverage by a large margin.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance- Another popular car insurance offered by Royal Sundaram Car Insurance is comprehensive car insurance. Under the policy, both own damage and third-party liabilities will be covered. All types of damages to the car are covered under this policy. It offers value-for-money coverage to the owner’s car, and you can purchase add-ons separately to enhance coverage.
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Well, now it boils down to one question;

Should You Opt For Royal Sundaram Car Insurance?

You should definitely opt for Royal Sundaram car insurance if you are looking for proper coverage for your car as well as yourself during accidents or any mishap. It has an extensive list of benefits with wide coverage all over the country so that you won’t have any problems.

Moreover, they have an impressive claim settlement ratio and hardly any customer gets unsatisfied. The customer team is highly efficient, and they help you in every way whenever you need them.


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