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Ponds to be treated by techniques like ozonization, aeration for clean water – Times of India

NOIDA: The Greater Noida Authority will take help of advanced techniques like in-situ wetland, ozonization, floating island and aeration for cleaning of pondsas part of a campaign for revival of water bodies in the region, officials said on Friday. Greater Noida Authority CEO NG Ravi Kumar has given instructions to start work by identifying five ponds as a pilot project.In this series, Additional CEO Ashutosh Dwivedi inspected two ponds located in Ladpura village on Thursday. This campaign will be started from these ponds only.
“The work for cleaning and beautification of all the ponds of Greater Noida is underway. On the one hand, the dirt in the ponds is being cleaned, but on the other hand, work is going on to prevent the dirt from entering the ponds,” Dwivedi said.
“Along with this, a plan is also being prepared to make the water of these ponds clean. Efforts will be made to clean the water of the ponds by using in-situ wetland, ozonization, floating island and aeration techniques. By using these technologies, bad bacteria in water will be eliminated and the oxygen level will be increased,” the officer said.
Besides these techniques, saplings will also be planted around the ponds and help of environmentalists from Greater Noida will also be taken in this work, the Additional CEO added.
In this connection, the ponds of Ladpura were inspected on Thursday by Dwivedi along with senior manager Rajesh Kumar and in-charge senior manager Manoj Sachan.
According to officials, in situ wetlands and floating islands leverage natural processes, while ozonization and aeration focus on chemical and physical aspects in cleaning of water in ponds. The choice of technique or a combination thereof depends on the specific needs and conditions of the pond in question.
In situ wetlands involve the creation or enhancement of wetland areas within the existing water body. These areas act as natural filters, utilizing wetland vegetation and microbial processes to remove pollutants, an official said.
Ozonization is a water treatment method that uses ozone (a highly reactive form of oxygen) to break down and remove impurities in water. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent that can eliminate organic and inorganic contaminants, he said.
Floating islands are artificial structures that consist of buoyant materials supporting vegetation. These islands float on the water surface, providing habitat for plants and microorganisms that contribute to water purification, he said.
Aeration involves the introduction of air into the water to increase oxygen levels. There are various aeration techniques, including diffused aeration, surface aeration, and fountain aeration, the official added.

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