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Optimize Libido, Orgasm Enhancing, Get Better Erections & More

Let’s cut to the chase — this week, since it is Valentine’s Day month, after all, I turn up the heat with a show that uncovers the secrets to lengthening orgasms, heightening sexual pleasure, boosting libido, and unlocking the door to mind-blowing ecstasy.

Are you up for the adventure? If so, tune in, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride that will redefine the way you think about sex, pleasure, and connection.

In this “Best of Intimacy and Biohacking Sex” episode, I unpack a treasure trove of knowledge and unconventional tactics to enhance your sexual well-being and experiences. Join this intimate odyssey that begins with the captivating dynamics of women, cannabis, and sex. Next, delve into how to bid farewell to those “magic” little blue pills and uncover the secrets to getting better erections naturally with nitric oxide.

Venturing further, explore how to “Thrust in Time,” a transformative experience that transcends your sexual satisfaction, expertly explained by Susan Bratton. You’ll also discover methods to unlock the profound connection between breathwork and sexual performance with my guest Travis Steffens and unearth ancient practices that elevate intimate experiences with the intertwining of breath and ecstasy.

Finally, prepare to be enlightened on red wine’s surprising effects on hormonal balance and sexual function, alongside the controversial topic of how sexual activity and ejaculation frequency can influence athletic performance.

Are you ready to challenge your perceptions and elevate your intimate encounters? Join me now for a journey through the lesser-discussed corridors of sexual health and pleasure.

Best of Intimacy and Biohacking Sex

Women, cannabis, and sex…02:46  


Q&A 431: Psychedelics, Morning Glory Seeds, Bliss-Producing Oils, Cannabis For Sex, How To Have Way More Sex In Your Marriage & Much More!



  • Study: “Sex: I Want to Want It”
  • Some research shows that cannabis, for women, especially older ones, can: 
    • Lengthen orgasm 
    • Heightened pleasure during sex 
    • Increase libido, sensitivity, and arousal 
    • Exhibit a bidirectional biphasic effect on sexual functioning, and even in small doses, enhance sensitivity and arousal
  • A woman’s use of cannabis-infused and sativa-based vape (strains like Love Potion, Voodoo, and Purple Panty Dropper) and lube led to mind-blowing sex 
  • Ben’s pre-sex energizers
  • Adam Lane Smith“How To Have Way More Sex In Your Marriage”
  • Emotional intimacy is a strong aphrodisiac — turn-ons: 
    • Sharing your problems 
    • Asking for solutions 
    • Showing vulnerability 

Getting better erections naturally…09:16  


The Surprising Truth About Coffee & Heart Attacks, How Sulfur Can Rescue Your Arteries, Better Erections Naturally & More With The Natural Heart Doctor Jack Wolfson.



  • Dr. Nathan Bryan
  • Erectile benefits of nitric oxide tablets
  • Viagra was originally a drug for angina and blood pressure but later found to be good for erectile function  
  • Dissolving nitric oxide tablets in the mouth seemed to induce the same type of erectile benefits as something like Viagra
  • Nitric oxide precursors
  • Men are deficient in the things that increase nitric oxide naturally
  • The oral microbiome plays a crucial role in converting food-based nitrate into nitrates
  • Vascanox is beneficial because it contains potassium nitrate, bypassing the need for oral conversion and providing additional potassium, which offers numerous benefits to the body
  • An acidic stomach helps convert the nitrate into nitric oxide 
    • Fluoride (e.g. from mouthwash), high chlorine, and everything you consume affects stomach acid levels 
  • Sildenafil enables faster absorption without enhancing efficacy
  • Stress and libido
    • Problems with erection and libido are often psychological 
    • This is why sex is better during weekends or vacations 
  • Under threat, individuals prioritize survival over other activities, such as sexual interest, which might be a result of natural selection
  • Constant stress in modern life can lead to diminished libido and erectile function
  • Focusing on reducing stress as a primary solution rather than seeking ways to “hack the system” or find quick fixes

Libido in men and women and how to “Thrust in Time”…17:23  


Multiple, Mind-Blowing Orgasms, The Best Sex Toys, Clitoral Pumps, Yoni Genital Steaming & Much More With “Sexpert” Susan Bratton.



  • Hormones have nothing to do with libido
  • How to keep sex fun and always new 
    • It doesn’t have to be big and overwhelming 
    • Could be a never-tried sex position
  • Some of Susan Bratton’s books:
  • 3 concentric interlocking circles:
    1. Libido — body-based energy triggers your desire for sex
    2. Desire — the brain is the biggest sex organ
    3. Arousal — how we get turned on
  • Men get turned on quickly because of hemodynamics
  • Women are more turned on at different times of the month because of their 28-day cycle, though they could get turned on at any time of the month
  • A woman has 3 erectile tissues in the vulva:
    • Clitoral system
    • Perineal system
    • Urethral system
  • The “Thrust in Time” technique emphasizes understanding the anatomy of the female genitalia during penetrative sex
  • The entire vagina is surrounded by erectile tissue, suggesting that direct stimulation of the clitoral tip may not be necessary for arousal
  • When the vulva is fully aroused, plump, and engorged with blood, direct stimulation of the clitoris may not be required for the person to experience orgasms
  • Allowing time for arousal and the increase of blood flow to the genitals is important 
  • If the male partner is already aroused and ready, while the female partner is not fully aroused, this may lead to difficulties in achieving orgasm for the female partner
  • The significance of foreplay, arousal, massage, and pleasurable sensations
  • Misconceptions about orgasms
    • A woman cannot have an orgasm from intercourse if not fully aroused
    • Instead of understanding the need for more time and arousal, there might be a tendency to think that other activities are necessary for her to achieve orgasm
  • Ben’s Ultrasound Guided Ozone and Methylene Blue Prostate Injection
  • Thrust in Time is an ancient Daoist practice that Susan brought to the 21st century
    • Semen retention
    • Stamina technique
    • Counting technique (count by 10s) and stroke technique (shallow or short strokes) to give a woman multiple orgasms
    • Fantastic foreplay to get her going

The correlation between breathwork and sexual performance…33:26  


7-Minute Breathhold Instructions, Multi-Orgasmic Breathwork, DMT Activation, How He Rescued The Homeless With Breathing & Much More With Travis Steffens Of “The Breath Source” App.



  • Recommended apps and resources: 
  • Mantak Chia
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams
  • Masturbating up to the point of ejaculation (but not allowing oneself to ejaculate) repeatedly
    • Doing that practice for 30 days to strengthen the perineum 
    • Retaining the energy
  • Strengthening the perineum through breath work 
    • The pineal gland holds what we know as the “God Molecule,” which is dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a molecule responsible for euphoria
    • Putting pressure on the pineal gland allows it to leak tiny particulates of DMT 
  • Ben’s collaboration with Men’s Health magazine: “New Year, New Dick”

Is wine better for sex…41:24  


Q&A 460: Sex & Fertility, Smart Drugs, Can Cholesterol Increase Testosterone, The Truth About “Natural Flavors,” Is Nitric Oxide Bad? & Much More.



  • Study: “Red Wine and Sexual Function in Men: An Original Point of View”
  • Wine is perceived as an aphrodisiac
    • A potent blood flow precursor
  • The health effects of wine 
    • One to three glasses of wine may reduce cardiovascular risk
  • Red wine has a high polyphenol content 
  • Moderate alcohol consumption has been associated with a cardio-protective effect and an increase in high-density lipoprotein (HDL), also known as “good cholesterol”
  • Ben always chooses biodynamic or organic wine from countries like France, New Zealand, and Italy
    • Dry irrigation methods result in higher antioxidant and lower alcohol content of the grape
  • Dry Farm Wines by Todd White 
    • Ben has been a subscriber to their wine service for over 10 years
  • Podcast with Todd White:
  • Effects of red wine on males:
    • Appears to affect follicle-stimulating hormone, testosterone, and prolactin levels, which all help erectile function
    • Can increase nitric oxide (Viagra-like effect) 
    • Red wine seems to increase penile vasodilation, an effect that’s similar to what stem cells could do 
    • Contrary to other studies, the polyphenol content of red wine increases testosterone when taken in small doses 
  • Effects of red wine on women (low to moderate amount): 
    • Higher sexual desire and vaginal lubrication (a glass of wine a day)
  • While alcohol in general may not be beneficial, those with high polyphenol content (e.g. red wine) appear to have benefits 
  • Red wine shows benefits in male reproductive and sexual function when taken in low to moderate amounts
  • Disclaimer: 
    • Chronic alcohol intake can reduce testosterone levels, impair spermatogenesis, and decrease testicular volume

Sex before exercise…49:36  


Q&A 428: Sex Before Exercise, Heavy Vs. Light Water, Jack Kruse’s Leptin & Vitamin D Protocols, How To Lower Blood Glucose, Exercising With A Pacemaker & Much More!



  • The age-old question: sex before exercise?
  • Study: “Does sexual intercourse exercise harm athletic performance?”
    • The study involved 50 physically and sexually active men
    • The aim was to investigate whether sexual intercourse the night before would affect athletic performance during weight training sessions
  • Weight training protocol:
    • Participants underwent three weight training sessions, all at the same time of the day
    • The workout consisted of a challenging 5×5 routine for the squat, with each set aiming for the maximum weight for five repetitions
  • Sexual activity conditions:
    • The study compared participants’ performance after abstaining from sexual intercourse the night before 
    • The mean duration of sexual intercourse was approximately 13.8 minutes, with a variability of plus or minus 3.5 minutes
  • Results:
    • When participants abstained from sex, the mean lifted weight for the squat was around 109 kilograms (240 pounds)
    • After engaging in sexual intercourse, the same workout routine led to a significant drop in performance, with the maximum weight lifted reduced by almost 10 pounds (approximately 5–10 pounds, equivalent to about 235 pounds)
  • Ben’s suggestions:
    • For elite athletes participating in demanding sports like triathlons, CrossFit, or Spartan racing, abstaining from sex might be a consideration to ensure peak performance
    • Have sex, but don’t ejaculate

-And much more…

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