Home Finance & Investing Attorney Morning Docket: 11.08.23 – Above the Law

Morning Docket: 11.08.23 – Above the Law

Morning Docket: 11.08.23 – Above the Law


* It’s Ivanka’s turn to take the stand. On a school day? [Reuters]

* It seemed as though there might be a majority for the idea that the Second Amendment might not have envisioned an unfettered right for violent criminals to keep guns. [Law360]

* Wachtell names new leadership. [American Lawyer]

* Lawyer taking home about another 50 percent on top of his salary with social media influencer hustle. [LegalCheek]

* NY puts off looking into proposals that could allow non-attorneys to provide some legal services to cover justice gap. [New York Law Journal]

* WeWork hoping to use bankruptcy law to storm back for the hybrid work world. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Idaho charging family with kidnapping for taking daughter out of state to get abortion care. [ABA Journal]

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