Home Finance & Investing Attorney Morning Docket: 10.17.23 – Above the Law

Morning Docket: 10.17.23 – Above the Law

Morning Docket: 10.17.23 – Above the Law


* Supreme Court nixes lower court rulings that had struck down Biden ghost gun regulations. Surely there’s something in the Federalist Papers that can be twisted into a right to untraceable guns… Thomas is slipping.[CNN]

* High-profile lawyer accused of using ChatGPT as a fake lawyer. [Daily Beast]

* Meanwhile the real fake lawyer in Kenya thanks his supporters. [BBC]

* SBF lawyers demanding more adderall. [Forbes]

* Viet Dinh blames trial judge for Fox News having to pay over 700M in defamation damages on his watch. Sure buddy. [CNN]

* Berkeley Law professor goes on rant asking firms not to hire his “antisemitic students.” Not for remarks suggesting sympathy for Hamas, but for generically pro-Palestinian rights stances in the past. [NY Post]

* Courts set to unravel Zulu line of succession fight, which sounds way cooler than anything over here. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

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