Home Finance & Investing Business Meet Malika Sadani: Who Created Brand & Sold Her Baby Care Startup For Rs 500 Cr – News18

Meet Malika Sadani: Who Created Brand & Sold Her Baby Care Startup For Rs 500 Cr – News18

Meet Malika Sadani: Who Created Brand & Sold Her Baby Care Startup For Rs 500 Cr – News18


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Last Updated: October 18, 2023, 07:00 IST

Malika Sadani (File photo)

Malika Sadani (File photo)

The Moms Company was founded out of personal necessity and is currently helping millions of mothers to get safer baby-care products.

Successful business ideas may come from the most unlikely places, and for Malika Sadani, it was a personal experience. When she realised she wasn’t the only one having trouble finding a moisturiser that worked for her daughter’s skin, the issue of finding one became apparent.

Following her conversations with over two hundred mothers, Malika Sadani identified a common problem— the dearth of natural products available in the market. With the help of her husband, she took a risk in 2016 by quitting her lucrative finance career and co-founded The Moms Company under her company Amishi Consumer Technologies Pvt Ltd.. The Moms Company was founded to provide premium, natural, and toxin-free items to parents looking for them.

Under the brand name of The Moms, the business began selling its goods in March 2017. The turnover was Rs 2 lakh at first, and it climbed to an amazing Rs 24 lakh the following year. This was the beginning of an incredible path of annual growth at a rate three times faster than the previous year.

Malika Sadani had lengthy talks with the same 200 moms to make sure the issues they had were indeed resolved. The knowledge she gained from these exchanges was crucial to the development of her company. As the business gained traction, it was able to acquire a sizable investment of $1 million, which opened the door for even further expansion. Taking advantage of this chance, The Moms Company moved its operations to new cities.

The Moms Company saw an opportunity in serving consumers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, where offline sales predominated, despite its success online. Malika Sadani and her husband made the decision to open retail stores in order to solve this, which gave rise to the idea of The Moms Company Store. They opened 100 outlets in 2018, which resulted in a whopping Rs 7.6 Crore in income.

Continuing this trend, the business expanded rapidly in 2020, adding more than 250 outlets, bringing its yearly revenue to Rs 22.3 crore. By 2021, The Moms Company had grown to over 1,500 locations and in just 4.5 years, it had generated an astounding Rs 150 Crore in income. Thanks to its popularity, The Good Glamm Group, a growing unicorn in the beauty industry, was interested in acquiring a mom-and-baby business and it purchased a majority stake in the company for Rs 500 crore.



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