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Jon Cryer slams door on ‘Two and a Half Men’ reboot

Fans hoping for a nostalgic return to Malibu with Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer might want to temper their expectations.

In a recent interview on The View, Cryer definitively shot down the possibility of a Two and a Half Men reboot, citing his strained relationship with former co-star Sheen.

“When Two and a Half Men was happening, Charlie was like the highest-paid actor in television – probably ever,” Cryer explained, hinting at the show’s initial success and Sheen’s pivotal role. However, tensions rose during Sheen’s infamous 2011 meltdown, leading to his controversial departure from the series.

“He blew it up,” Cryer stated bluntly, referring to the impact Sheen’s actions had on the show and their working relationship. “I haven’t spoken to him in years,” he added, implying a lack of personal connection that would further hinder a potential reunion.

While acknowledging the recent reconciliation between Sheen and series creator Chuck Lorre, Cryer emphasized his own disinterest in revisiting the past. 

“The idea of going back and doing that again with him just doesn’t sound appealing to me,” he declared, effectively closing the door on the reboot for himself.

Cryer’s stance adds another layer to the complex history of Two and a Half Men. While the show remains popular in syndication, its legacy is deeply intertwined with the controversies surrounding Sheen.

Cryer’s firm rejection suggests that any future revival would require navigating not only creative challenges but also unresolved personal issues.

Whether this definitively closes the book on a Two and a Half Men reboot remains to be seen.

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Amit Ghosh
Amit Ghosh


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