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How To Make Money On Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face In 2022?

How To Make Money On Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face In 2022?

Social networks are the perfect platform for creative people. With the help of social networks, you can find people by interests, start your own community or create your own brand. And start making money. Off course!

For this purpose, the onlyfans platform has expanded over the last few years. Because they give their users a pretty straightforward and lovely service: the opportunity of making money through content creation.

But some content creators do not want their family and friends to know they’re running an onlyfans. This platform creates content writers to share exclusive content like behind-the-scenes footage and photos from their lives. And you don’t have to worry about other social media platforms editing their posts. And the onlyfans platform provides this service for you.

Tips To Make Money On Onlyfans Without Showing Your Face

Use A Stage Name

Anonymous means that no one knows anything about you. Select a stage name to go by on the app. In the music industry, anonymous is very popular for singers who want to be known by a different name. Make sure that your stage name does not include any nicknames. Keep your stage name simple and easy to spell. Try to select something that will be easy to remember by your fans.

Make Use Of Social Media And Create New Accounts

Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in any marketing strategy.

So, to achieve your OnlyFanspage found faster, try using other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and even sites such as Reddit for promotion.

Numerous niches on OnlyFans include pre-existing platforms on Reddit where you are permitted to promote your page.

While using social media, make sure you don’t  have any links to your personal accounts.

We recommend Crea social media accounts using an email address that is not similar to your name or nickname.

Don’t Forget Your Tattoos And Scars

Any birthmark will be a way people can identify you. Remember that if you have burn marks, scars, tattoos, and birthmarks, hide these in your photos. If you can’t do this with posing or props, then you can utilize photo editing apps to remove them. Today many photo editing apps have a blemish, blending, cropping and deleting tools to help to create beautiful pictures. These tools can also be utilized to blur your face, background or anything hinting at your location.

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Consider Using Mask Or Camera Angles

If you don’t want to show your face, you can use any mask you like or simply use camera angles that show you only from the neck down.

Turn off location

When performing this, avoid never showing the location that you are at. If your site is on, it could cause controversy, particularly if you’re a small-town person. Make sure not to give away your location.

Use The GeoBlocking Feature

OnlyFans comes with a great feature of GeoBlocking that can be used to block anyone from seeing your content, precisely the place where you live.

Here are a few tips on how you can restrict particular areas:

  • First, go to the settings page
  • Click on “setting page.”
  • Now scroll down until you see the option of GeoBlocking
  • Here select the places you want to block
  • Lastly, tap “save changes.”

You can exclude particular countries from watching your profile. Still, you can also restrict specific users if you know their IP addresses.

Avoid To Post Outdoor Pictures

To keep yourself completely anonymous, you mustn’t upload any outdoor photos. If you post, you must be careful about what is around you.

Additionally, from the angle of the picture to having knowable hills or buildings in the photo’s background, you don’t want anybody to be able to locate you.

The photo background you must avoid might include gas stations, beaches, restaurants, railway stations and more.

Moreover, you must be even mindful with sunglasses, doors, windows or anything that features a reflective surface. Because these reflective surfaces might produce a reflection of where you are standing.

Be Creative and Enjoy

Lastly, don’t be hesitant to have a bit of entertainment with this.

OnlyFans can be a permanent job, and you can make a handsome amount of money; however, never lose sight of it being good, a method to create content.

It can be pretty exciting if you become innovative with anonymity, like using various masks, heads or other hoods to hide your face.

Additionally, you can go for various content pieces for the versatile kinds of content you want to make.

All in all, it’s an excellent way to have some entertainment and truly get the ball rolling with content creation.

How To Get Started With An Onlyfans Anonymously

Here are some essential points for starters when you want to sustain an anonymous OnlyFans account:

  • Firstly, make a character on whose behalf you will post content on the forum.
  • Secondly, create a nickname that reveals the theme of the account.
  • Further, use platform settings appropriately and hide all your account’s personal information.
  • Yet another choice is to offer wrong information about personal data.
  • Don’t use or publish materials that can be used to find out your location.
  • You have to monitor the conversations on the posted videos, as they may include personal information.

If you want to hide your identity and earn money on OnlyFans, use these tips.


The platform developers provided some privacy tools to their users; let’s discuss these tools.

This platform provides several measures to protect the personal data of the authors:

Two-step verification

You can activate two factors authentication in the profile settings. And follow the link and download a specific app from the platform. This app allows no one to enter your profile photo without your phone.

Login Sessions

The login sessions will help you to check logged devices in your account, and also you can disable unnecessary sessions.

Watermarks On Photos And Videos

The creators can assign authorship to their posted materials by attaching a watermark. It helps creators protect their work from being copied.

Visibility Settings

You can choose what information will be open for general viewing. You can close your account, leaving access only to selected users and also sit on the site in invisible mode.

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  • How Much Can You Make On Onlyfans Not Showing Your Face?

It depends on how much work you put into it or how well you promote your content. You can make less than $5 a day or more than 100$.

  • How Do I Promote Onlyfans Secretly?

The best way to promote your OnlyFans secretly is the social media. For this, you need to create new anonymous social media accounts.

  • Can You Make Money On Onlyfanswith Just Pictures?

Yes, it is possible to earn money on OnlyFans with just pictures. And this can be done in the form of a content subscription, or viewers can pay to watch a photo at a time.

 Offering exclusive extra material is an excellent way to may a massive amount of money on OnlyFans. There can be pay-per-view messages used to show people exclusive content.

  • What Is An Affordable Cost For An Onlyfans Subscription?

The price for an OnlyFans subscription ultimately depends. You may like to charge less if you possess an extensive profile since it does even out.

Bottom Line

We have concluded that you can earn money on OnlyFans without showing your face. There are numerous ways for you to still make a handsome amount of money even if you avoid facing the camera.

Overall you need to be careful of what you post and remember that you regularly post the latest content.


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