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House Party Or Family Feast, These Cloud Kitchens In Delhi Cater To Every Mood And Occasion

House Party Or Family Feast, These Cloud Kitchens In Delhi Cater To Every Mood And Occasion


We live in a time when convenience is paramount. In the heart of India’s bustling capital, where history and modernity converge, a culinary revolution is quietly transforming the way we experience food. Welcome to the world of cloud kitchens in Delhi, where innovation meets flavour in the most exciting ways. These hidden gems, even without brick-and-mortar dining spaces, are rewriting the restaurant scene, offering a diverse range of gastronomic delights. Join us on a delectable journey as we explore the best cloud kitchens ready to please your whims and palate. Whether you’re inviting friends over or just want to enjoy a good meal without cooking it, order in from these places and experience some delightful flavours. 
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Best Cloud Kitchens In Delhi To Try (In No Particular Order) :

1. The House Party by Savar

Hosting a gathering at home? Don’t stress yourself to cook extensively. The House Party by Savar is a food catering company serving specially curated small house parties, which can have a guest list of anything between 10 persons to 200. Even while serving a small group, the brand allows you to customize your menu as per your choice. The House Party by Savar specialises in Indian, Continental, Italian and Oriental cuisines.
We tried a few dishes from their menu and were quite impressed. Their Dal Makhani is our top recommendation. The luscious dal had just the right flavours to make it the star of the show. Kadhai Paneer and Mutton Rara are other great options to include in your menu but don’t forget to pair them with flavourful jeera rice. Chicken Thai Basil didn’t exactly have authentic Thai flavours but tasted good nevertheless. But Dahi ke Kebab made for a great snacking option. It was crispy from the outside and creamy on the inside – just the way we like it. Currently serving in Delhi NCR, the brand will soon be expanding its service to other metro cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai. Impress your guests with good catered food from THP.


The House Party By Savar

2. Henry Havaldar

Henry Havaldar caters to our desi cravings – quite perfectly. Henry Havaldar brings the diverse cuisines from North, South, East and West together in their menu. If you want to explore authentic regional flavours of India, order from here. Kerala Chilli Chicken Fry, Paneer Kofta, Calcutta Chicken Biryani paired with delicious Baingan Mirch Ka Salan are our favourites from here. Any meal is incomplete without desserts. Henry’s Kheer and Shahi Tukda are a must to end your journey on a sweet and happy note.

3. Tari Cloud Kitchen

How about a royal feast of Mughlai cuisine? Tari, a concept-based cloud kitchen and boutique catering company in Delhi lets you experience the Nawabi culture right in the comfort of your home. We treid and fell in love with the velvety Mutton Galouti and smoky Tari Wale Tikke. Makhmali Murg, Nawabi Pyaz Gosht and Tari Wali Dal Makhani were also great in taste and texture. You must pair your dishes with their special breads of Saffron Roomali and Badam Roti, and Saffron and Kawda Rice.

4. The Chhaunk

If you have always complained about not getting the authentic liiti chokha in Delhi, it’s time for a revelation. The Chhaunk is a cloud kitchen that brings to you homemade Bihari food till your doorstep. The founders are born and brought up in Bihar and want to share their repertoire of traditional Bihari recipes. Litti Chokha, Chura matar, Ghugni Mudhi will transport you to the bustling streets of Bihar. Champaran Meat, Chicken Curry, Mutton Curry and Aloo Bhujia paired with Sattu Paratha are also must-try dishes.

5. China Bistro

Known for its delectable fusion of Chinese cuisine and exceptional dining experience, China Bistro has introduced its cloud kitchens in two prime locations: Delhi and Gurgaon. You can now savour authentic Chinese dishes from the comfort of your home. Their food is made using the finest ingredients and time-honoured recipes. Some of the dishes that you can try on their menu are Pan-Fried Chicken Gyoza, Prawn Tempura Rolls, Utterly Buttery Pepper Bowls, and Mao’s Favourite Chicken, among many more. End your meal on a sweet note with their classic Mochi Ice Cream.

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Photo Credit: China Bistro

6. Kaleido

Kaleido, an Asian Kitchen,  features handpicked vibrant and flavourful dishes from across Asia to present a unique menu that’s every Gourmand’s dream. Kaleido encompasses a Kaleidoscope of Asian flavours that comes to you in the comfort of your own home, in its purest and most gourmet form. With a menu that has no MSG or added colours or dyes to the food, the aim becomes to cater to a niche segment with fresh, flavourful, light and comforting dishes. Their Prawn Hargo and crystal dimsums are a must-try. Also, the pork bao, veg yellow curry, chicken krawpow, lamb chops, noodles and desserts like cheese tart and flourless chocolate cake are worth ordering in.

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