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Govt slashes ghee, cooking oil prices – SUCH TV

Govt slashes ghee, cooking oil prices – SUCH TV


The federal government has taken steps to reduce the prices of popular ghee and cooking oil brands by up to Rs38 per kilogram at Utility Stores across the country.

The spokesperson for the Utility Stores Corporation confirmed the price reductions and elaborated on the adjustments made in prices of essential cooking items.

According to the details provided, the prices of well-known ghee brands have been reduced by a substantial margin, going from Rs23 per kilogram to a much more affordable Rs38 per kilogram.

Additionally, the prices of cooking oil have also seen a considerable drop, with rates slashed from Rs13 per liter to just Rs36 per liter.

These new, consumer-friendly prices are effective immediately and apply to Utility Stores all across the nation.

The Utility Stores Corporation spokesperson emphasised that these measures are aimed at improving the financial ease of common consumers.



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