Home Technology George Clooney and A-List Actors Offer $150M to SAG-AFTRA

George Clooney and A-List Actors Offer $150M to SAG-AFTRA

George Clooney and A-List Actors Offer $150M to SAG-AFTRA


Batman Forever Bat Credit card scene

Image: Warner Bros.

Yesterday’s under wraps talk between SAG-AFTRA leadership and Hollywood’s elite actors has been revealed to be an offer to lend a hand to working class talent within the union from those in the limelight.

The conversations led by George Clooney, fellow Batman Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johannson, Tyler Perry and Emma Stone among others are presenting an offer to put up $150 million toward dues to eliminate the costs to AMPTP signatories. The details shared on Deadline illustrate the stars wanting to keep the conversation going to reach a better deal in the hopes that their doing their part with adding funds will be utilized to better health benefits and other areas.

In a statement to Deadline, Clooney said, “A lot of the top earners want to be part of the solution,” he explained (and we’d like to think he got out his Bat Card, and Affleck’s too). “We’ve offered to remove the cap on dues, which would bring over $50 million to the union annually. Well over $150 million over the next three years. We think it’s fair for us to pay more into the union. We also are suggesting a bottom-up residual structure—meaning the top of the call sheet would be the last to collect residuals, not the first. These negotiations will be ongoing, but we wanted to show that we’re all in this together and find ways to help close the gap on actors getting paid.”

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