Home Finance & Investing Business From Just Rs 300 To Rs 35 Crore: Inspiring Story Of Chinu Kala, Founder Of Rubans Accessories – News18

From Just Rs 300 To Rs 35 Crore: Inspiring Story Of Chinu Kala, Founder Of Rubans Accessories – News18

From Just Rs 300 To Rs 35 Crore: Inspiring Story Of Chinu Kala, Founder Of Rubans Accessories – News18


Chinu Kala is a true alpha female — she is fearless, bold, and full of spirit. She grabbed the sharp-edged opponents in her life by the horns and transformed them into achievements. When she left her home at the young age of 15, she had just the clothing on her back and Rs 300 in her pocket.

Mumbai, the city of dreams, drew near, yet for an unsupported young woman without resources, the city’s shadowy, dark side may have swallowed her and led her down a dangerous path. But no, this determined adolescent was prepared to put in a lot of effort to achieve her goals.

Chinu Kala worked as a waitress, receptionist, and even a door-to-door seller of coaster sets and cutlery in order to make ends meet. After some time, she ended up working in a clothing store where she learned first-hand about the behaviour of customers and the value of providing outstanding service. Her life was difficult, for sure, but she had a lively spirit and refused to give in and become a victim.

The turning point, though, came when Chinu Kala secured a position as a telemarketing executive at Tata Communications in Mumbai, where she eventually met her MBA-holding husband Amit Kala. She married Amit in 2004. With his MBA knowledge, Amit helped her develop her entrepreneurship abilities and gave her the confidence to take big risks.

After getting married in 2004, Chinu Kala relocated to Bengaluru. Her love of modelling led her to compete in the 2008 Gladrags Mrs India Pageant, where she was placed in the top 10. She began her entrepreneurial path as a result of her modelling endeavours. After a few years, she established Fonte Corporate Solutions, which peaked in its production of corporate merchandise for well-known companies like Sony, ESPN, and Airtel.

Following Gladrags’ breakthrough, Chinu Kala recognised a need in the Indian jewellery market and the product’s significance to the fashion sector. She made the decision to leave corporate merchandising in 2014 and enter the fashion sector, launching her own company Rubans Accessories with savings from her own pocket of Rs 3 lakh. Rubans and Chinu quickly expanded after starting off with a 36-square-foot shop at Phoenix Mall in Bengaluru. The brand had retail locations in several cities in less than a year.

Everything about the brand was excellent:

– A thorough analysis of consumer demand for jewellery based on lifestyle preferences,

– 80 per cent of the designs were original,

– A vast array of selections, including western and ethnic categories, giving their clients a lot of possibilities.

After more than eight years in operation, her firm is generating a revenue of Rs 30 crore and is expanding rapidly at a rate of 10 per cent annually, according to DNA. Consequently, Ruban Accessories had a growth in income from Rs 56 lakhs in 2014 to Rs 35 crores in 2022. In addition, the offline business grew to five locations. Chinu Kala aims to fire up the growth rate further to 150 per cent with the ambitious target of Rs 140 crore turnover by 2024, reports add.



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