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Britney Spears and Janet Jackson stand strong together against Justin Timberlake’s actions

Britney Spears and Janet Jackson have more in common than meets the eye. They share a distressing history of alleged mistreatment at the hands of Justin Timberlake. 

Britney laid bare shocking details in her memoir, The Woman in Me, accusing the 42-year-old musician of infidelity, pressuring her to have an abortion, and ending their relationship through a text message.

On the other hand, Janet Jackson faced a career setback that spanned decades after the infamous 2004 Super Bowl halftime show incident, where Timberlake tore her costume, revealing her breast live on national television. 

Sources suggest that both Britney and Janet felt that Justin Timberlake had much to gain by tarnishing their reputations.

In her revealing memoir, Britney Spears shed light on how Justin Timberlake seemingly capitalized on their breakup through his solo album, particularly the song Cry Me a River.

While Timberlake was portrayed as “America’s Golden Boy” in Hollywood, he depicted Britney as a “harlot,” leaving her in Louisiana to cope with the aftermath of their relationship’s dissolution.

For Janet Jackson, the trauma of the show continues to haunt her career.

Timberlake’s role in tearing her costume and exposing her breast on live television had severe repercussions for her professional life. 

A source close to both iconic women revealed, “Janet and Britney are still bonded by the backlash, and Janet has reached out to offer her support and encouragement.”

The insider went on to explain, “Britney was appalled by the way Janet was treated during the Super Bowl and felt she was being attacked by the same PR machine that had denigrated her. 

They had several private conversations around that time, which picked up again recently. They have a shared experience, and Janet wanted Britney to know that she is here for her.”

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