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Avery Dennison showcases PSA materials range at MEDICA – TechToday

Wearables continue to be a hot market for Avery Dennison Medical, whose pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) materials have formed part of such applications for more than 20 years. 

The company is showcasing its range of products at MEDICA 2023 for multiple wearable device applications, including diabetes management, remote vital signs sensing, multi-day drug delivery and other Internet of Things (IoT) digital healthcare solutions.

Miguel Solivan, marketing manager for Avery Dennison Medical, said: “We have a broad portfolio of skin contact, tie-layer device and cover tapes, including ready-to-use materials for both short-term and extended-wear devices. The company plans to exhibit its extensive portfolio of products, created specifically to meet the needs of a wide array of wearable device applications.” 

Its material science team can discuss material selection, specification, complex construction techniques and human factors for such devices.

Avery Dennison Medical is also using the show to highlight its adhesive-based surgical solutions for medical device OEMs. Its products in this area include incise films, construction tapes, and drape tapes for bordering or fenestration. These adhesives undergo biocompatibility testing in accordance with ISO 10993, guaranteeing their safety for medical applications.

Product manager Rachel Jacobs said: “We understand that surgical tape must excel in secure adhesion, reducing the risk of infections while maintaining biocompatibility. This ensures it aligns with the specific requirements of sedated patients and the practical needs of surgeons and nurses.”

The company notes that all of its surgical tape products are sterilisable by gamma and ethylene oxide (ETO) processes, and it manufactures all such products in ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facilities in the European Union and North America. Those same facilities are also fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), underscoring its commitment to excellence in medical device manufacturing.

General manager John Gaffney said: “We look forward to sharing our advanced products and deep expertise with visitors to our booth at MEDICA, and to helping the OEMs there to streamline their path from development to commercialisation.”

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