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Acko Car Insurance Review: Renewal, Quotes, Benefits

Acko Car Insurance Review: Renewal, Quotes, Benefits

When you buy a new car, you surely won’t compromise on the insurance as you would want to protect it from any kind of mishap. A proper car insurance not only covers you financially from all the expenses that might arise due to mishaps or losses but also makes sure you are free from any hassle.

However, with so many car insurance providers in the market, it gets challenging to choose as not all motor insurance providers have established themselves to be trustable ones. That is why many people go for Acko car insurance, which has established itself to be one of the trusted digital car insurance with impeccable service and claim settlement records.

Acko Car Insurance

Rated as one of the best car insurance by numerous top experts and agencies, Acko car insurance is a top digital insurer that currently has more than millions of customers. Starting its journey as the first digital general insurance organization, Acko offers a large array of car insurance policies to all its customers.

With a claim settlement ratio of 95.53% for the year 2021-22 and a completely digital process, it has become a favorite choice for many car owners. To date, it has insured more than millions of cars which is a great feat for a digital car insurance company that started its journey a few years ago.

The company is present in almost 647 cities and towns in the country and has tie-up with numerous garages so that they can maintain a seamless service all over the country. From own damage cover and comprehensive cover to third-party coverage and add-ons like road assistance, zero depreciation, consumable cover, etc., you can avail of a varied type of coverage for your car.

The organization, with a long list of policies, has made sure that you are fully financially protected in case of accident, damage, or theft. Although there are many big players in the market that have been offering car insurance for decades, the factor that has made Acko car insurance stand out is its affordable car insurance premium.

Moreover, they offer impressive emergency assistance and all-day custom support so that all their customers have a hassle-free experience. Not only are the plans affordable, but they are also easy to apply with certain documents and simple to claim. The policies offered by Acko car insurance are highly appreciated by customers, and you will find many positive testimonials from thousands of customers on various sites.

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Reasons Car Owners Choose Acko Car Insurance Over Others

Acko is a one-of-a-kind digital car insurer that has established a top-tier insurance provider, and it is mainly due to the benefits and features it has on offer. Insuring the car and claiming them is seamless with Acko, but there is more to it than its seamless service. Let’s check them out;

  • Inexpensive and affordable premium- Acko is known for offering low and affordable premium rates for its policies, and that too, without compromising on coverage or service. Due to their digital setup and complete digital approval process it has helped the organization to cut down any unwanted and offers policies at low premiums.
  • A large number of policy coverage- When you decide to buy car insurance from Acko, you will have different options to choose from. Whether you want your own damage cover, third-party cover, comprehensive cover, or personal accident cover, you can choose what policy suits you best. You will find many add-ons that enhance your coverage and make you better financially protected.
  • Impressive claim settlement- According to the organization, it has achieved a claim settlement ratio of 95.53% for the FY21-22 cycle, and it is looking to enhance it. The organization has also achieved a great feat for motor own damage claim settlement ratio as it has gone around 95.5%.
  • Effective customer service and emergency assistance- Acko is known for its impeccable customer service, where they employ an efficient customer executive team to assist its customers in every way. Moreover, they have a 24/7 emergency assistance team that assists customers in times of dire need. The company even has 3-day doorstep delivery, 1-hour pickup, and instant repair service.
  • Digital application process- For buying Acko car insurance, you won’t have to go through the tricky process of filling up an offline form. Acko has introduced an online process where you have to follow the 3-step application process to buy car insurance quickly.
  • Quick and simple claim settlements- Acko is known for its quick settlement of small claims, and the approval comes within a few minutes. However, for major claims, you will have to wait a few hours or days to get a claim settlement, but the claims are approved most of the time.

The organization has tied up with many garages all over the country, so you will get cashless repairing in most scenarios.  

  • Discounts on policies- Acko also offers various discounts on policies so that it is easier for car owners to buy them. The discounts are offered for users who haven’t made any claim under the insurance plan and also for users who have installed safety devices in their cars.
  • Digital Renewal Process- Once you avail of Acko car insurance for your car, you won’t have to involve yourself in any paperwork to renew your insurance. The renewal process is totally digital, and you will have to pay the premium to renew the policy.

Types of Policies You Can Choose From Acko Car Insurance

When you decide to buy Acko car insurance for your car, you will come across different policies, and you can choose anyone that suits your needs. Here are the policies you will find;

  • Own Damage Cover- Own damage cover is a highly effective policy for car owners as it gives financial coverage to damage from accidents, fire, and natural disasters. It also offers financial protection from theft and other mishaps that you won’t get third-party coverage.
  • Third-Party Cover- Third-party coverage is mandatory coverage that every car owner has to avail of. It protects you from any financial liabilities during any accidental damage that you make to others or their property.
  • Comprehensive Basic Cover- Comprehensive basic cover is complete car insurance coverage because it covers your car from any damage and also protects against third-party liabilities. Apart from damages, this insurance policy also covers theft.
  • Comprehensive Super Saver Cover- Comprehensive super saver cover serves as the optimum coverage for your car as it covers most of the financial liabilities. It holds all the features of comprehensive basic cover along with premium service and super-fast claim settlement. Acko will pick up the car from your home, repair it and then return to your garage without charging you anything.
  • Personal Accident Cover- Personal accident cover serves as additional coverage along with third-party coverage. It covers you financially in case of death and death while driving the car.
  • Zero Depreciation Basic- Zero depreciation essential is probably the best coverage you can get for your car. It offers you not only all perks of a comprehensive basic plan but also the depreciation cost of plastic and fiber parts of the car.
  • Zero Depreciation Smart Saver- It is a specialized zero depreciation coverage that is meant for car owners who are less likely to file a claim. It contains the cover of zero depreciation essential but at a lower premium. However, if you can plan to claim for any sudden damage, then you will have to pay Rs. 5000 as a deductible. 
  • Zero Depreciation Super Saver- It is another coverage offered exclusively by Acko, where they offer the benefits of comprehensive coverage and zero depreciation. When you make a claim, Acko will pick up the car, repair them at their network garage and deliver them back to you.
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Financial Coverage On Damages That Acko Car Insurance Won’t Offer You

Even though Acko car insurance offers coverage on a wide range of damages, there are certain situations where your car won’t get coverage. These are;

  • Damage is done to the car while driving the car when you are drunk or intoxicated.
  • Any personal item lost or stolen from the car.
  • Damage is done to the car in any accident when you are driving without a driving license.
  • Damages occurred on the car during any riot, war, or similar situations.
  • Any damage on the parts of the car that occurred due to regular wear and tear.
  • Acko won’t offer any financial coverage when the insurance policy isn’t valid.

Buying Acko Car Insurance Covers

Acko car insurance offers a simple and straightforward process to buy a car insurance policy, and the whole process is completely digital. It takes three steps to buy the policy;

  • First, you have to go to the Acko website and look for the coverage you want for your car.
  • After you have chosen the coverage, you will select the add-ons you want to buy along with your coverage.
  • In the end, you just have to make the payment.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, Acko car insurance is one of the best options if you are looking for a financial coverage policy for your car. The seamless digital experience and high claim settlement ratio make them an ideal choice for modern-generation car owners who don’t want to get involved in the hassle of a lot of paperwork.

The insurance organization has a huge presence in almost every city and town of the country, so getting financial coverage for your car won’t be a problem for you.

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